Three videos showing agility training progress

Betsy and I have been doing Agility since September 2014. It’s my first time training a dog in agility, so we both had a big learning curve 🙂 I try to get videos when I can, just to see our progress and cringe over our mistakes! I thought it might be interesting to share a few videos over the last couple of years to show how we’ve come along – both in Betsy’s understanding as well as my own handling.

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Social Learning in Dogs

I remember reading awhile ago that there was a study done on puppies who watched their mother work (e.g. pulling a cart) vs puppies who never watched their mother work. The results of this study showed that puppies who observed their mother at work learned the skill themselves much quicker than the puppies who never got to watch their mother. Something about that article stuck with me, so now, when Betsy and I attend agility class, we often hang back

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