Product Review: Leerburg leather collar and matching leash


Like many dog owners, I wanted a cool collar & leash for my dog to walk around looking awesome in.

I held off until she was about one and a half, because there’s no point in getting nice things for a puppy. Puppies either grow out of things or destroy them.

I knew exactly what I wanted: A nice high quality matching leather leash and collar. I went on Etsy, did a bit of searching, and landed on these Leerburg leather products.


Obviously the next thing I did was teach her how to pose for photos with stuff in her mouth 😳

Anyway, I have nothing but good things to say about them! The products arrived super quick, they’re high quality, super durable, look great… No complaints at all. Well, maybe one: I would have gotten her collar one size smaller, because it looks a bit enormous around her neck. But it still fits. I just think I could have gotten away with one size down.

If you’re looking for super nice leather dog accessories, I totally recommend them. It’s weird how the pet stores around here don’t sell that kind of product. Everything is nylon!

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