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Shaping the Dumbbell Retrieve

Loving this post! Lots of great video examples, accompanied by tons of good information on shaping behaviours, all in concise bullet points. It’s also just a neat skill for your dog to have, even if you’re not interested in competitive obedience.

Does your dog REALLY want to be petted?

Eileen is a great dog blogger in general and this post is one of her best. It features videos of dogs who both like and don’t like to be pet by humans, and also a nice bulleted list of signs to watch for to determine whether your dog is enjoying being pet. She posted a follow up as well that features more dogs who do enjoy being petted.

What would an ideal dog food look like?

Dog nutrition is a touchy subject for a lot of dog owners, but I like this post on dog food advisor. It talks about the dog’s ancestral diet, breaks it down into protein vs fat vs carbs, and compares that to dog foods on the market today. It’s not too complicated to understand and it gives you certain things to watch out for when choosing a dog food.

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