Meanwhile, on the Internet (#8)

How to Use an “All Clear” in Scent Detection—Lessons from Science

A cool article on changing the way scent detection works to improve accuracy of results as well as raise morale for the dogs.

Most scent-detection dogs are trained to alert only when they find an odor. […] (if no odor is found) There is no correct response other than to keep working. No wonder the dog gets frustrated! […] I have suggested that if teams trained an “all clear” alert, the dog would always have a correct behavioral response: one alert indicating that odor is present and a different alert (an “all clear”) to indicate that no odor is present.

The Dog Parker

This is an interesting alternative to tying your dog outside of stores.

The first two units are being tested in front of a retail store and coffee shop in the Fort Greene neighborhood of Brooklyn. The Dog Parker is insulated to avoid temperature swings, while a solar powered fan provides air circulation. Users can track the inside temperature through the Dog Parker app. Users have to show proof of vaccination when they apply for the membership card that provides access to the Dog Parkers. Members are then charged 20 cents a minute ($12 per hour). There is a three hour limit per 12 hour time period to avoid anyone leaving their dog in a unit too long.

Dog-Friendly Dog Training

Ian Dunbar gives a TED talk on dog friendly dog training.

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