Fashionable dogs: Cute dog collars you can buy online

I’m a bit of a nut about buying all sorts of fancy gifts for Betsy that she doesn’t really care about, and there is nothing more exciting than buying her beautiful collars.

Aside from the Leerburg Collar, which I got Betsy last Christmas, I haven’t bought any of these collars myself (yet!) but here’s a beautiful collection of some of my favourites that I may eventually splurge on… Christmas maybe?

Floral Rose Collar by BONEafide Collars

Mint and Gold Collar by Frenchiclove

Leather Collar by Leerburg

Pedigree Princess Friendship collar (see? matching human version!! EEE!) from

Turquoise and Chocolate Collar by The Hound Haberdashery

Plaid Collar by Zaley Designs

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