Introducing dogs and setting them up for success

Disclaimer: This post is for well-socialized dogs that don’t have severe dog aggression issues ☺️ My brother-in-law and his wife were coming to town with their five year old border collie cross and we wanted to have our two dogs meet for the first time. We also wanted (of course!) to make sure it went well (spoiler: It went well!) They are both nice dogs with good doggie social skills, but they also aren’t saints – no dog is! In

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Three things I have learned since becoming a dog owner (sorry, no sciencey links to back this stuff up!)

…but I know it’s true! Dogs can wake up on the wrong side of the bed too Some days Betsy is on POINT with her training. Other days she’s a mess. Some days she’s snarky when another dog behaves rudely; other days she is tolerant. If there is a pattern of issues over many days I know there’s a real problem. If it’s a one-off I’m happy to just write it off as a bad day. I’d say for the

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A look back on a year of blogging at

It’s February 21st! The anniversary of! 😀 1 year of blogging… posting new content not quite as often as I ambitiously hoped, but I did manage to post at least one entry per month, and sometimes two or three. So I’d call that a success 😊 Did doglove blow up and become a darling of the Internet/dog community? Erm, nope. I actually have no idea who, if anyone, reads my posts; for a long time comments weren’t enabled, and

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Fashionable dogs: Cute dog collars you can buy online

I’m a bit of a nut about buying all sorts of fancy gifts for Betsy that she doesn’t really care about, and there is nothing more exciting than buying her beautiful collars. Aside from the Leerburg Collar, which I got Betsy last Christmas, I haven’t bought any of these collars myself (yet!) but here’s a beautiful collection of some of my favourites that I may eventually splurge on… Christmas maybe? Floral Rose Collar by BONEafide Collars Mint and Gold Collar

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Calendar Star!

Hey guys! I am pleased (whee!) to announce that Betsy was one of 13 winners in the Bosley’s Calendar Casting Call Photo Contest! That’s right, Betsy is going to be on the 2016 calendar, specifically, for June. Pretty cool, right? Here’s the winning photo, crooked skyline and all: There are some really awesome winning photos in there, super flattered that Betsy was one of the chosen ones 😀

Product Review: Leerburg leather collar and matching leash

Like many dog owners, I wanted a cool collar & leash for my dog to walk around looking awesome in. I held off until she was about one and a half, because there’s no point in getting nice things for a puppy. Puppies either grow out of things or destroy them. I knew exactly what I wanted: A nice high quality matching leather leash and collar. I went on Etsy, did a bit of searching, and landed on these Leerburg

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A beginning

Hi! My name is Rose, and my dog’s name is Betsy, and here we are posing for a selfie together. I have been dog obsessed my entire life, but Betsy is my first foray into full time dog ownership. We brought Betsy home on October 6th, 2013, a small little pup with a serious face, and since then she has pretty much consumed my entire life. Any time not spent hanging out with Betsy is spent reading about dog psychology,

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