A video showcasing a few of Betsy’s tricks

I’ve written a few trick training how-tos, like how to roll over, how to hand target, and how to go grab a kong to be stuffed.

But Betsy has a few other tricks up her sleeve that I haven’t written about that I keep meaning to!

My intent is to at least write about teaching a dog to know their lefts from their rights, because I think that’s a fun trick to show off, but here’s a little video showing a few more of Betsy’s tricks, including:

  • Roll over
  • “Bang” (play dead)
  • “Beg”
  • Shake
  • Take a Bow
  • Sit and Down of course 😉
  • Hand targeting
  • Leg weaving
  • Mirroring my actions by staying between my legs

Most of these tricks she has known for a very long time. I haven’t taught her any new tricks for awhile, partly because I just can’t think of any fun ideas 🙃

(Sorry for all the background noise, my neighbour decided to use his power tools while I was filming, which is partly why this is just a little trick showcase video and not a how-to tutorial. Need to wait for a quieter time of day!)

If you’re interested in seeing a few more of Betsy’s tricks, here’s a fun one of Betsy learning how to pull drawers open to fetch an item (or a treat!)

She is a joy to teach and loves to learn. So if you have any ideas of what she should learn next, please let me know!

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