A look back on a year of blogging at doglove.co

It’s February 21st! The anniversary of doglove.co! πŸ˜€

1 year of blogging… posting new content not quite as often as I ambitiously hoped, but I did manage to post at least one entry per month, and sometimes two or three. So I’d call that a success 😊

Did doglove blow up and become a darling of the Internet/dog community? Erm, nope. I actually have no idea who, if anyone, reads my posts; for a long time comments weren’t enabled, and judging by traffic stats, even if they had been, no one was around to write any.

So this is really a celebration of one year of me talking to myself, with the occasional twitter follower/friend popping in to skim a post or two.

This is maybe a bit disheartening but I don’t mind too much. I still like posting, and with popularity tends to come dissent and nasty comments, so at least I didn’t have to deal with any of that.

So for anyone reading this post who wasn’t a devoted follower, allow me to list off some of the highlights from the past year. (Starting with the most recent and moving backwards)

Taking advantage of environmental cues


In which I talk about teaching your dog to, “Read your mind,” and how I got Betsy to bring me her kongs to be stuffed each morning without being asked, saving me the time it took to hunt around the house for them.

All the things I wish I’d known before I got a puppy


A pretty long post filled with everything I’ve learned since getting Betsy, and things I wish I had known better ahead of time. Also includes a ton of links to other very useful articles for new dog owners and new puppy owners.

Teaching your dog to roll over

People like trick how-tos (I think? I know I do at least) so here’s one of me and Betsy demonstrating how to teach roll over, a pretty classic trick to add to your dog’s repertoire.

Raising a puppy and the joys of the crate


A very very long post about crate training and why I’m a huge advocate.

The greeting stretch

For those of you interested in dog body language, this one I thought was a really cute/fun one, and is unique compared to the usual list of stress/aggression/happy dog “standard” body language lists I normally see on the Internet.

Teaching your dog to settle on their mat


A very handy skill for your dog to have.

Teaching the hand target

Another handy trick.

Five easy ways to enrich your dog’s life

And finally, a list of ideas to make your dog’s life a little bit better, with minimal effort from you πŸ™‚

This isn’t a complete list of writing throughout the year, just some of my personal favourites. If you like what’s listed here, check out the archives for more!

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