Calendar Star!

Hey guys! I am pleased (whee!) to announce that Betsy was one of 13 winners in the Bosley’s Calendar Casting Call Photo Contest! That’s right, Betsy is going to be on the 2016 calendar, specifically, for June. Pretty cool, right? Here’s the winning photo, crooked skyline and all: There are some really awesome winning photos in there, super flattered that Betsy was one of the chosen ones 😀

Engagement, focus, and asking for work

Betsy and I are currently taking some private classes with Darcie Jennings, and one thing she pointed out to me was that although Betsy and I had a great connection when I asked her for it, Betsy never really offered it on her own. Darcie challenged me to start expecting Betsy to offer more without having me request her attention first. Betsy is all ears when I ask for her attention This was a great observation, and after she made

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Your dog’s name is an awesome word

How tempting is it to say your dog’s name in an angry voice when they’re doing something naughty? So tempting right? They are ignoring you, you’re mad, and you just want to growl out “ROVER! NO!” This is your dog’s name. The last thing you want is for your dog to think its name is a bad thing, or to associate hearing its name with unpleasantness. Your dog’s name is special. It should mean “Hey! Pay attention, I am going

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Meanwhile, on the Internet (#5)

Teaching conceptual thinking: It’s not asking too much of your dog A really neat writeup summarizing a talk by Ken Ramirez about teaching dogs to think conceptually. Concept training takes the dog and trainer a step beyond normal training. Rather than a simple relation between a cue, a behavior, and a consequence (such as going around a certain sign on a certain street corner), the dog learns a broader rule or set of rules that can be applied to new

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Product Review: Leerburg leather collar and matching leash

Like many dog owners, I wanted a cool collar & leash for my dog to walk around looking awesome in. I held off until she was about one and a half, because there’s no point in getting nice things for a puppy. Puppies either grow out of things or destroy them. I knew exactly what I wanted: A nice high quality matching leather leash and collar. I went on Etsy, did a bit of searching, and landed on these Leerburg

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